About Taqva

Taqva, named after one of the important concepts in Islam, is an arabic word ( تقوى ) that cannot be translated in a word or two in english nor can be comprehended by mere wordings. From its root, it means ‘shield’; to shield oneself from the wrong-doings. It means to be conscious of Allah, the Creator who is All-Seeing, All-Hearing and All-Aware, and abstain from wrong-doings. It means to be cautiously aware of Allah. Taqva refers to both love for and fear of Allah, that is, to show our love for Allah by indulging more in the things that please Him, and to fear Allah and avoid indulging in things that displease Him.

Taqva.com is a Video Sharing Platform specifically encompassing Islam-related content. It aggregates the videos from various sources, providing its audience a one-stop destination for Islamic videos. Taqva will have daily updates of videos, giving our users a rich experience each passing day, Insha’Allah (God willing).

Taqva does not own copyrights of the video content broadcasted on the site. Their copyrights are with the original users themselves. No copyright infringement is involved as Taqva does not store any videos but rather acts merely as a medium that broadcasts the videos created by the users, from their original source. And the views/opinions presented in the videos does not necessarily reflect the views of Taqva.

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