When Ka’aba was held Hostage | 1979 | Seige Of Makkah executed by Juhaiman Al Utaybi | by ibn Sabah

Published on May 14, 2017 by Taqva

Mecca seige | When Kaaba was held hostage by Juhaiman Al Otaybi in 1979

The Mecca attack of 1979 is the most unfortunate event for every individual of this Ummah,
A fake Mahdi claimant, Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al Qahtani held all the pilgrims as well as Ka’aba hostage for Days, until the Saudi Forces had to initiate a mini battle in the Land of Haram

Source Of Information : The Meccan Rebellion (book), Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s Speeches, Wikipedia, and Original News Footages

Speaker: Saad ibn Sabah

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  • A Hasan 2 years ago

    You forget to mention that Saudi government asked 50 personal of Pakistani special force to come to reclaim Kabaa from Shias. They are the one who put water inside and then put electric current in that made them leave kabaa.


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