When Ka’aba was held Hostage | 1979 | Seige Of Makkah executed by Juhaiman Al Utaybi | by ibn Sabah

Published on May 14, 2017 by Taqva

Mecca seige | When Kaaba was held hostage by Juhaiman Al Otaybi in 1979

The Mecca attack of 1979 is the most unfortunate event for every individual of this Ummah,
A fake Mahdi claimant, Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al Qahtani held all the pilgrims as well as Ka’aba hostage for Days, until the Saudi Forces had to initiate a mini battle in the Land of Haram

Source Of Information : The Meccan Rebellion (book), Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s Speeches, Wikipedia, and Original News Footages

Speaker: Saad ibn Sabah

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