Story of Prophet Musa (AS) | Prophet Stories for Kids

Published on October 19, 2017 by Taqva

Story of Prophet Musa (AS) | Prophet Stories for Kids

Prophet Musa (as) was born in an Israelite family, in Egypt. It was during this time that the Pharaoh of Egypt passed an order to kill all the newborns among the Israelites. The Prophet’s mother, somehow manage to save Him, and He was eventually raised as a prince at the palace! Watch the incredible adventure of this amazing Prophet, with whom God spoke directly, in this episode!

After the death of Prophet Yusha (as), Prophet Hizqeel (as) succeeded Him as the Prophet for Bani Israel. One day, the Prophet came across a valley of bones, and wondered what could have ever happened? Witness the power of Allah (swt) in this amazing episode!

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