Story of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) – Islamic Cartoon

Published on October 24, 2016 by Taqva

Teach your kids the story of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob – peace be upon him) through this animated video.

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  • Shabreen Farha 1 year ago

    Assalanualaikum, you are doing a great job,I liked it very much. I think it’s a really good and interesting medium to make children know about the prophets of Islam. But the narration is too fast for children from other countries to understand,and one thing I would like know is that, is it correct to make such cartoon?Is there no harm or wrong in it? Plz don’t mind my question. I don’t mean to hurt your sentiments,just was to be clear,nothing else. Jazakakallahuqhaira, Allah Hafiz.


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