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Published on April 11, 2018 by Taqva

Surah Kawther | Stories from the Quran | Quran for Kids

Surah Kauthar At the age of 25, Mohammad (s) married Khadija (r). Before Muhammad (s) became prophet he had all his 6 children. His first child is son Qasim, then daughter Zainab, son Abdullah, daughter Kulthum, Fatima and Ruqayyah (pbut) all. His older son died before his prophet hood. At that time daughter did not had any value. So if someone did not had son, basically he did not had any future to carry his legacy. So when Muhammad (s) became prophet, he had 4 daughters and only son Abdullah. As you know after his prophet hood most of the people did not believe him. They even did not accept Allah (swt) as their only God. So they started to give him very hard time, physically and mentally. Because he did not follow his family religion, everybody thought his future was dark. He was rejected by his family and community. At that time, his only son, Abdullah died. So he had only 4 daughter left. Most of the non believers were very happy to hear the news. Everybody thought his future was finished. There was no one to carry his family name and legacy. Muhammad (s) became very sad and heartbroken. At that time Allah (swt) send surah Kauther to give him very good news of giving a most beautiful fall and river hereafter. Also it’s mention that his enemy would be destroyed. At the Day of Judgment when everybody was thirsty, Muhammad (s) would take all Muslim to the Kauthar river. The water would be whiter then the milk and Sweeter then honey. At miraz when jibrael (as) took Muhammed (s) to the heaven, he saw the most beautiful fall, the Kauther.

Surahs Fun Facts:

1. Allah (swt) send this Surah in Makkah.

2. Kauther is the name for a beautiful fall and a beautiful river.

3. Kauther Fall located is in heaven

4. Kauther River located in the location of day of Judgment.

5. Kauther water is whiter then milk, sweeter then honey and colder then ice.

6. In the day of Judgment, only good Muslim could drink water from Kauther river.

7. During the Miraz, the Miracle journey to Allah (swt), Angel Jibrael show the beautiful Kauther fall in heaven.

8. At first, Muslim will meet Muhammad (s) beside the Kauther river.

9. If someone drink water from Kauther, he will never be thirsty again.

10. Who don’t fallow the sunnah, Muhammad (s)’s orders, he could not drink the water from Kauther river.

11. The land under this river will had beautiful smell and tons of tons of diamond and most beautiful stones.

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